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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Screenshot-2021-07-09-10-24-17-AM.png is registered and goes to a live site run by

I had a member Groot email me and say the was available to register.

I knew it was and I remember seeing that the .com was registered. I was going to register the .ca but really, when you use a domain like the odds of someone ever punching in is pretty slim. Besides the .ca already says canada so having the word Canada and .ca is redundant to me unless you are the government of canada.

Interesting though that the site uses yet the domain is dead in the water.

Nice Canadian site though
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MapleDots said:
Couple of points...

Running on the .com advertising .ca

$39 for a .ca :eek:

Is that CAD or USD :D

“ .ca domain names for as low as $39”

So they have higher prices than $39? OUCH!
What a weird site. doesn't resolve (404 error) and doesn't let you do anything unless you're logged in I'm assuming?

Can't even do a basic search, it just brings you to a page with step by step instructions...but no search field

Glad to see that $39 is going to some great development... :)
the logo is bad too, it looks like it could be not
Was doing some SEO work this morning and stumbled on this site again, it looks to be someone working out of their house.

Odds are it's a mock website selling the domain name.

If they are waiting for me to buy it they are out of luck because I will probably drop the .ca, I don't think we have any use for it so the matching .com is also not needed.

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