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That was so funny, look at the example domain he used.
I’m not sure why anyone would pay $120 with no guarantee of even getting the name.
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I agree Nafti

Don't count out all the stupid corporate boys who just plunk down the dollars and ask no questions. Just look at as an example. They are big for corporate registrations and charge 50 bucks for a .ca.
I've never listed a domain for sale with godaddy, but I have to say, I have definitely sold a few domains through their brokerage, maybe one a year with maybe a couple of failed attempts per year? There's a few others, like DomainAgents or whatever that I get nothing but lowball offers from and have never closed a deal. At least from GoDaddy, I have had a fairly high success rate when the buyer chose the broker service. DomainAgents charges like $20, then they give the seller $10 or you can give it to charity in their name. While that seems generous that you get $10 for at least responding to their offer, it just seems to attract people with low budgets so it ends up being nothing but a waste of time. With GoDaddy, the move may not be entirely to collect more money for themselves, but to also filter out more of those low budget types that never end up in a deal anyways. I also appreciate that GoDaddy can now EFT to my Canadian based USD bank account, previously they tried to force you to use paypal...

Never thought I'd say something positive about GoDaddy. And while I don't generally like the idea of broker being involved, GoDaddy at least closes some deals. That's the power of their massive customer base.
Nafti said:
I’m not sure why anyone would pay $120 with no guarantee of even getting the name.


They don’t know any other way and with whois being all but eliminated in most instances this may look like an easy way to some!


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