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Nov 4, 2020
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I get a lot of these, sometimes daily

Is anyone else interested in posting them in a topic like this?

It lets you know what is coming due and kind of keeps your finger on the pulse.
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These domains aren’t actually expiring. These domains are listed on GD auctions and therefore are on a cycle of so many days but it means nothing because the cycle just starts again once it’s over. It’s just the way it works with GD. All domains have that cycle period even if you have a buy-now price set. Almost certain anyway and I’ve heard people complain about it in the past as it’s misleading, especially for someone watching and thinking something will change once the time runs out.
Yes, they are LISTING expiration's and I get them almost daily, I was thinking of maybe sharing them with members and others can show theirs.

I watch almost all one word .ca's listed on GoDaddy so the daily email for me just reminds me what is for sale and has no movement.

Occasionally I will make an offer and once in a while I land a domain.

I don't know why I subscribe to the list but I enjoy looking at the daily list.
I just see it as godaddy using purposefully misleading info to get your attention, but we all know the vast majority of those domains will be renewed.
I just see it as godaddy using purposefully misleading info to get your attention, but we all know the vast majority of those domains will be renewed.

Keep in mind we are only talking about the godaddy auction listing here.

Technically all the listings auto renew but this is just godaddy way of telling you the actions on these watched domains are ending.

Because I watch hundreds of domains I get a list of ending auctions almost every day and sometimes it reminds me to take another look at some domains to see if the pricing has changed or even if I should contact the owner again to see if we can reach a deal.

I like buying domains directly from owners sidestepping the auction, it puts another 20% on the bargaining table.
This is the strange thing with GD's marketplace listings. They treat every listing as an auction (with an end time anyway) when really the vast majority are not actual auctions. The real auctions (or most) are domains that expired at GD and GD sends them to auction themselves.
Those GoDaddy pseudo-auctions are the bane of my existence. I can't tell you how many buyer clients come to me in a panic saying, "I saw on GoDaddy and the auction is ending soon..." when 99% of the time it's just a GoDaddy/Afternic for sale, make offer listing. There's no real auction and there's no real rush. So confusing ... to the average Joe. is a nice one. I’ve seen many companies around with jet in their name. This one could be a 6 figure sale to the right buyer.
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Post #1 has and the one above has

Just thought I would point that out.

Jet is currently registered until mid-2031, but GD makes it seem like it will expire in two days from now.

I guess these deadlines can work in our favour in terms of lighting a fire under an enduser's ass... by making them think they need to decide to make an offer asap. On the flip side, when an enduser see's there's a remaining 89 days left on the clock they may way wait out those months to see what will happen when they were already prepared to make an offer from the start (i.e. delaying the decision making process of endusers).
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a good thing for those listing the domains, to get the extra exposure.
Well, its a fool-me-once scenario for most of us, but for the average schmucks I guess it might create some additional exposure. But even they will eventually find out and feel like they've been click-baited, and that might actually leave a negative feeling.
Yeah pear is definitely a nice one.

What's the scoop on diet?

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