GoDaddy .ca domain list expirations (1 Viewing)

@MapleDots can you email me a summary of this issue & feedback to I'd like to let the relevant departments know that this is potentially confusing.
I'm not sure if it's something that needs to be addresses James

I think we're just blowing off some steam here, fact is I enjoy getting the emails, they remind me of what domains I'm watching.

The only issue is the auctions self renew and technically there is nothing expiring but if they did not renew then I would not get an email and like I said I enjoy getting them.

Probably would be better worded as a monthly summary of watched domains or something.
Thanks for clarifying. I can work out who to chat to in order to change that. If it does need changing, I might chat with you and some other .ca investors to see what you'd like the wording to be... but that might be down the road some way!
Screenshot - 2022-12-23T080114.495.png

Some nice ones, whoever owns I'm jealous, I only managed to get but it was a reg fee acquisition.
I like cash but maybe because I’m a Johnny Cash fan. :)

Dating is nice but I think that maket is overflowing with dating sites/apps. Interesting enough, I sold many years ago.
Screenshot - 2023-01-26T072247.179.png

Such a nice domain and it does not resolve or go to a lander, what a waste. o_O
I’m guessing that this one was caught in a TBR at one point since it was registered in 2016. Indeed a great 2L.
You probably remember how was in one of Sedo's Great Auctions in 2019, with a reserve somewhere between 100K-250K USD.

The link to that auction still works too, surprisingly: is available for purchase -


The auction obviously wasn't a great success but it was still nice to see a .ca in one of these special event auctions.

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