GoDaddy finishes .tv migration, launches marketing campaign (1 Viewing)

Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
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GoDaddy Registry has completed the takeover of registry services for .tv domain names.

.Tv is the country code for Tuvalu, a tiny island nation in the South Pacific. But its domain names are most commonly used for sites related to video, streaming, and other types of broadcasting.

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Even Rick Schwartz who hypes just .com's is using a .tv for his YouTube channel.

Personally I think it's as idiotic as using a .co

I would never run my business on another countries country code., it's absolutely stupid!
As long as .tv isn't at risk of getting shut down i feel it's an alright extension for a tv/broadcasting/news/streaming site. I think most of know it's actually a ccTLD but like other ccTLDs it has another meaning which people are taking advantage of. Same with .io... but can't say the same with .xyz which is a bit odd.

edit: I know XYZ isn't a ccTLD, but what's the appeal in .xyz besides being the end of the alphabet? .TV at least has some logic as to why people would choose/use it.
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