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Nov 23, 2020
I was going through some old TBR .CA leftovers and had a problem when linking to them from GoDaddy. Now instead of a Domian Registration screen (either showing it either open or already registered) I get this image:


Now this is using my own Canadian GD account using CAD, and it's still Geo-locking me from registering it. I even tried using as the link, and it still came back with the same lock image. Weird thing is, if you first enter the domain into their valuation engine, it shows available to register with a link.

I think there are still some bugs to work out, and hopefully GD gets it figured out.
Hello [notify]DomainRecap[/notify]

This is GoDaddy Support. Just let us know what valuable domain you're trying to register and I can remove the geo-lock, thus allowing you to register it.

Thank You,
VIP Customer Support Team
Nope, but I am direct-linking these, which is obviously the problem.

GoDaddy seems to be experimenting and it's breaking various techniques I use to speed up the checking process.
Figured it out, and GoDaddy has changed their direct linking very slightly for the upcoming 2021 auction season (change for the sake of change, I guess), requiring me to adjust the URL a bit.

The image above seems to be a coincidental byproduct/error of this change, and not an intentional geo-lock. GD just couldn't properly parse the old link.

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