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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
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I have a domain (not sure why I even own it) and it is listed at GoDaddy Auction and it's home is at

This morning I got this godaddy auction notification even though I never viewed or watched

So basically godaddy is matching words to extensions and hitting up potential bidders who already own the domain in different extensions.

Kind of reminds me of the emails we all get....

I noticed you have and was wondering if you would like to buy

I keep thinking those emails from both parties annoy me but a part inside of me likes getting them in case a hidden jewel ever crops up.
Noticed that few times. I haven't seen this myself but if in theory if one checks for a domain on Godaddy and later it becomes available the system will notify. So maybe it pays to be signed in when searching for domains and not ignoring Godaddy emails.

Personally I like checking on domains at because there is no clutter and confusion but I don't have any names registered there.

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