GoDaddy making millions from AdultBlock, AutoBlock is next. (1 Viewing)

Jul 1, 2022
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GlobalBlock, a domain blocking service introduced to little fanfare by GoDaddy Registry and Identity Digital in June, is planning to launch next month with support from over 650 gTLDs and ccTLDs.

Read more: GoDaddy service to let you block domains in over 650 TLDs - Domain Incite
Since the article uses facebook as an example I will continue that discussion.

There are legitimate reasons to use a trademark, we all know satire , but I'm talking about failure of a product or service.

So lets say facebook lets personal data escape, AutoBlock would disallow a domain like

I personally think CIRA should not participate in this. From the look of our CDRP's we don't have a huge problem with this and blocking legitimate domain registrations are always going to be a concern if CIRA signs up.
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Gee, I wonder if any company is going to abuse this...

A premium version, GlobalBlock+ also covers typos

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