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Dec 19, 2020
It only took what seems like a billion years, but word on the street is that GD is planning on introducing BIN landers.

There aren't many details out there yet but I am personally rather excited about this. Hopefully it's fully integrated with GD's website and not Afternic. Detailed stats on traffic would certainly be nice too.

Lander will be in addition to current “request price” landers.



GoDaddy is introducing a “Buy Now” lander for domain name sales after many requests from the domain investment community.

The company is currently testing the landers. GoDaddy will test the landers on its own NameFind inventory before opening them to all domain investors.

The landers include a “buy now” link as well as phone numbers for potential buyers who want to speak to a representative over the phone. It also emphasizes GoDaddy’s brand to great confidence, including a large message that reads: “Buy with confidence with GoDaddy”.

Domain investors have been asking for these landers for a long time, with a goal of leveraging GoDaddy’s trust and name recognization with customers to increase sales.
Interesting....let’s see how much they complicate it or simplify it(hopefully)
jaydub said:
Interesting....let’s see how much they complicate it or simplify it(hopefully)

I'm not sure how it could get worse, or how we could compare, considering they've never had BIN landers before. This could be a serious game changer, and if GD does get it right then other marketplaces might tank.

I know I'll certainly use them for all of my domains if they get it right. I was already on the brink of moving all my domains back to Uni simply because their landers include the GD logo now, and I already have quite a few of my domains redirect to my GD Auction marketplace listings. In God(addy) I trust.

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