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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

I was thinking that we do not have a list of good .ca domain lawyers.

I found this one

Looks like they know what they are doing.

Anyone have a favourite Canadian .ca domain lawyer?

Is there someone in the field that specializes in this with a good track record?
My go-to recommendation would always be Zak Muscovitch ( I've known him for years, and we've worked together several times. He also is the general counsel of the Internet Commerce Association (an association for domainers) and attends all of the industry conferences. He does work with other TLDs as well; his experience is extensive.


Zak was lead counsel in numerous precedent-setting court cases such as the case (2000), wherein he successfully defended against the first attempt in Federal Court to obtain an interlocutory injunction against a domain name registrant. Zak was defence counsel in the case (2001), the first decision to establish the convenient forum for international domain name disputes involving a Canadian domain name registrar. Zak was instructing counsel for the registrant of the defendant domain name in the case (2002), which was the first in rem decision under the United States Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. Zak was counsel in the first Canadian court case overturning an ICANN UDRP commenced by Molson in the case (2002). Zak was lead counsel in the case (2008), wherein he defended a descriptive domain name by successfully obtaining the cancelation of a plaintiff's trademark for "Cheap Tickets" in a proceeding which went all the way to the Federal Court of Appeal.
Um yeah, it is definitely Zak.

Great guy. I wouldn't go anywhere else in Canada unless Zak recommended them first.

You can lock this topic now, there is literally nothing more to say on it!
Zak is the #1 lawyer for .ca domain stuff ... I would have to think long and hard as to who I would recommend as #2 for .ca domains, although there are a couple of lawyers that represent trademark holders and go after .ca domains for their clients, but they are not good choices to represent domain investors.

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