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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON

If you have been exploring options to find the most suitable domain registrars, then Google domains and GoDaddy are names you wouldn’t have missed.

Both, Google Domains and GoDaddy are equally spread across the market. Notably, there are few similarities with few differences between Google domains and GoDaddy.

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If you’re looking for a service to help you register a domain name, Google Domains is one of the best services you’ll find. In this Google Domains review, we’ll help you understand why we recommend Google Domains by offering comprehensive coverage of what this Google service has to offer. Here’s everything we’ll cover in this review:

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I have been using google domains for years but at $17 for almost any extensions it is a bit on the expensive side.

The reason I have been using google domains is because of how easy it is to make email addresses and sub domains. All of my websites and e-commerce stores use Google Domains as the registrar and have for years.

I cannot tell you how easy it is to administrate, for instance if I want another email address I can do that in mere seconds.

So having an extensive history and using google domains since it's inception I can highly recommend them above any registrar out there. If the $17 bucks is not too much for you!
With the Brent Oxley debacle

I am in the process of moving all of my high value domains to google domains.
Anything "I" value as a long term keeper and I think may have a value over 50k now, or in the future, will be moved to google domains.

Technically, since I write off 100% of my renewals as an expense against my profits the move really does not cost me anything. I have long ago started looking for expenses to bring down my tax base so this was a no brainer for me. I have better security than at godaddy and I sleep a lot better knowing my high value domains are safety nestled at google domains. I cannot risk the politics at godaddy tying up one of my e-commerce or high value domains.

So how was your weekend?
I noticed to register a .ca with Google domains is also $17. Do they offer bulk pricing?

My weekend was good. Anyone else over these lockdowns yet? Living in Ontario (Brampton) definitely hasn’t been easy. I am in a “hotspot” for Covid. Sure do miss going out to restaurants and having a nice steak.

For those that don’t know as well, we can only buy essential items at the store. So if you are in need of underwear from Walmart, you are out of luck. I have a feeling that some people are going commando as I type this! :lol:
Nafti said:
I noticed to register a .ca with Google domains is also $17. Do they offer bulk pricing?

No google is one price, that is it.

I would recommend using them for one domain and then I can make a tutorial to show you how you can have as many business email addresses for free. No need to purchase google workspace/g-suite

The extra features and security are a bonus for me, especially if you are using the domain in commerce or business.
I have a few at gdomains, and I don't see a way to select more than one domain to make multiple changes.

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