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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
I am happy about this because everyone that uses an address like this...

It would have simply shown up as unless you clicked inside the address bar.

So for anyone using a contact form where the domain is pre filled you would only have seen the lander URL instead of the way I have it specified above.

As most of you know you can change the word DOMAIN in the address bar to the name of your field to get the form to pre-fill.
yeah, I vaguely remembered hearing something about that but dismissed it as a stupid idea and never thought of it again. Glad to hear Google spent millions of dollars to finally come to the same conclusion.
... when URLs don't matter anymore people will just Google everything... oh...
I have a love/hate relationship w/ Google. They build great (including free) tools for marketers, but they have so much market share (search/browser/...) they can essentially almost force any change they want in terms of web standards. They need more competition for sure.
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