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Nov 23, 2020
Calgary, AB
Hello all. My name is Bul from Calgary Alberta but currently living in Medellin Colombia (winter months). I have been domaining part time since 2005. Over the years, I have hard large domain portfolios and not so large as I worked my way to learning and unlearning things. I own a smaller portfolio of .ca as well as some 500 other domains (mostly .com) after thinning out my portfolio through sales and drops. Having sold my Western Canada water and wastewater company years ago, i am finding myself spending more time in SA.

Having a background in web technologies, i am interested in developing sites into ideas so from a builder to builder(s), I'd like to thank owners for developing this site into something great. With regards to .ca domains, I have a special liking for first names and industry domains (descriptive commercial domains) as I know how much those domains can return in the hands of a patient investor. Will be glad to hear from you all.
Welcome [notify]Bul[/notify]

Glad to see you could make it, feel free to show off some of your domains.
Welcome Bul!
Welcome, nice to meet you.

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