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Jan 12, 2021
I got an invite from MapleDots last week and I'm finally getting around to posting. I'm Richard Morris aka Name Guy of Virginia Beach, Va. I even have "Name Guy" on my personal/vanity license plates. I even picked up three domains from plates i saw in 2020; Yum21.com, UGADOC.com (doctor from the University of Georgia) and Endeavr.io.

I had asked Frank a question just before joining and he suggested that I ask it here on the forum so here goes;

"Thanks Frank...i see where my friend Bob Hawkes from Victoria has joined your group. I'm curious as to who owns the registrar NamesPro.ca out of Vancouver. His last name is So , and I tried a few weeks ago to connect with him on Linkedin, but to no avail
… if my last name was So, i'd own SoSoDomains.ca and .com, but maybe that's just me. Anyway, is he a member of your forum? Do you know him? Later Frank and Happy New Year! Richard Morris, My Mantra "Make Something Happen"

That's it for now everyone....i just love Quebec City, Vancouver and Victoria (especially Butchart Gardens)

HAPPY New Year!
Welcome to DN.ca Richard!
MapleDots said:
Welcome to Canada Richard!

Talk about a small target audience :eek:

You will find this to be a much friendlier place than the other board, welcome aboard.

Thanks....can you tell me how I may be able to share an idea I have for DollarDownDomains.com? This is a domain I picked up for the second time after I let it lapse for a few months. I would not only like to share the idea, but if any members are interested getting involved (at no cost) I'd love to talk with them. Thanks again for the invite.

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