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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
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From the owner:

As a Domainer since 1998, I’ve seen many marketplaces come and go. I’ve seen the worst and the best. I’ve never seen a marketplace that allowed buyers and sellers to sell/buy domain names at zero commission and allow buyer and seller to chat in real time to negotiate a deal. On top of that, one with ultra-professional landing landing pages. That need has not been met until now. that is being built for domainers by domainers will offer all of that at no cost. The website is currently allowing domainers to enter their contact information to be notified upon launch. It’s timing couldn’t be better with current inflation. Paying 20% commission when it could be in your pocket is much better for both buyer and seller because it would allow greater price flexibility on the seller side by not having to give up 20% of the sale.

Source: news - No membership fee, no commission marketplace launching soon isn't resolving for me, I thought the countdown page was a screenshot from there?
It was.... looks like the project was abandoned before it started
It was.... looks like the project was abandoned before it started

I guess they figured out that with No Fees and No Commissions, they had no source of revenue.

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Sponsors who contribute to keep free.

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