How do you feel about using expensive domains as your personal email? (2 Viewing)


Aug 15, 2022
I’m new to domaining and I don’t have any of the highly coveted .ca names, so I’d like to know your opinions.

Let’s say you have a prized domain name. What’s the likelihood of you using it as a personal email versus selling it?

Is it worth the hassle of having to update all your accounts and subscriptions for a good price?
probably not great to be actively selling a great domain and using it for your email, especially if you use that email to set up accounts and personally. Over time, you forget how many people and places are using it for you, so if you do sell the domain it could be a nightmare to update your email everywhere you need to. Especially if the buyer wants a quick sale. that said, if it's a high value sale then maybe it's worth the hassle. I have two .com's I use for most of my personal emailing, and though I would sell them at the right price, having to change those emails everywhere I use them isn't something I'd look forward to. but it is also cool to have a standout, unique email.
I would advise against using a domain that is valuable (for re-sale) for email. Keep your re-sale domains separate from your email/Website domains, otherwise you will encounter problems down the road.
I use my firstname and last name in .com for my e-mails. I do create temporary e-mails for some of the 1 word domains to take offers. I wouldn't use them to create my main e-mail.
I considered using for a while but it makes more sense to use my actual business name because it adds more credibility to my business.

Yes even a very valuable domain used as an email address would look odd if it does not match your business name.

I did use for our families spam control for a number of years. We used it to filter our subscriptions and such and I noticed the other day someone is using CanMail for similar. That is almost identical to how I had MapleMail set up, including the landing page.

PS. Really nice topic @Lurker - an interesting question
I only use emails on domains I have no intention to sell. If an offer is large enough obviously I can part with it but and at that point it would be worth the cost.
On a related and ironic note, I've always wanted to own Sweetman dot com (I own the .ca) since it's my surname, but a vanity email company beat me to it decades ago, and then I ended up managing that portfolio of surname domains, including 'my' surname .com, when I worked for Tucows. I still don't own it, but I do have use of it for email as a paid customer. Damn domain scalpers! ;+)
I ended up managing that portfolio of surname domains, including 'my' surname .com
I’ve always wondered how they set this up. My surname is also taken in .ca and .com and the owners of the former are offering an email service for a small monthly fee. I noticed Ben doing this in a couple of his .ca domains. Maybe I should do this as well. 🧐

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