How many mistakes in a .com before you use a .ca? (1 Viewing)

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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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How many advertising mistakes can you spot here?

Once I get some feedback I will let you know what happened when I was following the bus.
Did you rear-end the bus while trying to decipher that ridiculously horrible domain name? Lol.
The most obvious mistake for me would be the horrible domain name he's using, at 20 characters long. I could barely figure out how to read it at first until I saw his name and photo above it. Still pretty bad, especially considering is currently available for registration. Also interesting how is being used by another realtor named Bill.
I kept reading Billion and I tried to figure out how Billion was misspelled and how it fit in.

It was not until the bus hit a red light and both my wife and I read the whole ad that we put it together.

Yup I said a short .ca at at the very least spell it out like this...

A couple of well spelled capitals could have saved a lot of gried but quite honestly with so much to pick from in .ca it's a fail all the way across.
He could buy for $1495, and he seems to have the money as dressing up those buses is NOT cheap.

If he's going to use a huge domain name, he has to get rid of the O'Neill part as it unwieldy.
He has 5 figures to spend on advertisement but not for a better domain.

He should take notes from this agent and have an easy to remember phone #:
MapleDots said:
Quick, register it and give him a call :cool:

The owner of is a member here too.

To make it even more confusing for moving vehicles, I will put TWO phone numbers and to top it off I will make sure they have two different are codes.

Wow, I don't know how many advertising mistakes can be made in one ad. :eek:
That "visual cue" graphic to Punch's phone number is insane for a quick-view bus sign. LOL

And I love that name - Punch Sockalingam - you can't make this stuff up, it's like a cartoon character.
Even the domain "" is unregistered, matching the line in the ad....

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