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Nov 4, 2020
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Do you see anything wrong with how Swetha is using email?

Whenever I see someone use THEIR NAME @ THEIR NAME .com I cringe a little bit because of the lost opportunities. Not only does it look and sound wrong but it's just a waste of space.

If you have a great domain name (or not a great one) it's still an opportunity to tell people what you do without ever spending an advertising dollar.

How could Swetha have done better?

Start with telling the client what you do like this

Take it to the next level with...

Arent selling anything and want to let clients inquire?

You can have a multitude of email addresses pointing to the same mailbox like,

The possibilities with PUBLISHED email address is limitless, say more with your address by having them purpose built for each event or circumstance.
All good points. At least she's not using a swetha.COM email address, which would be hypocritical from her standpoint as the queen of .xyz domains.
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