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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I left a bunch of .ca domains to expire at godaddy and before they entered the grace period I unlocked them and published the transfer codes in a "for free" topic.

The domains are now well into the grace period and I had a member contact me asking if they could have one of the domains. The member informed me that the transfer code did not work which led us to believe godaddy changed the codes.

When I went into godaddy it also showed the domains were locked and I was not able to unlock them again. Fortunately that is a ruse and the domains are actually unlocked. I ended up requesting the transfer code directly from cira at and the member was able to retrive the domain.

So before you allow your domains to hit grace please remember to unlock them so you can use the transfer code and allow another member to claim the domain in case they want it.
I’ve experienced the same thing many times before. I’ve transferred out a lot of domains during the grace period at GD and there’s been a few times they provided false auth codes. I believe at least one time it happened was after I spoke with support. It definitely felt like someone at GD went in my account and manually changed things just to mess with me. And they seem to change the lock status at any stage, expired or not, if you have them unlocked for a long time.
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