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Nov 4, 2020
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I keep my domains at 3 registrars and have been on a mission to drop domains to get to a self specified number.

I dropped all extensions except .ca's and .com's and even dropped a few hundred of those. I kept maybe a dozen misc extensions but that is it.

For years I have been wanting to hit that number and sometimes I get close but then I buy another little package of domains, register a few, get some on the drop, see some irresistible possibilities and bang I am way up from where I was again. Every time I ask myself how this happens and I promise I wont do it again.

I just can't do it !

I don't know how to get below my number, it never happens and sometimes I buy these little packages of 10-50 domains because I think 2-3 have the value of the entire package.

I look at my totals, remove my expiring, my grace, my redemption's and the numbers are still way over where I tell myself I want to be.

I just can't do it !

So how is your day?
You have a good problem. Easy to cut down than grow the portfolio nowadays with quality domains.

Day has been great. Love the cool and sunny weather today
I am never worried about a specific number. I have kind of remained in the same total range for about a decade now.

There is an equilibrium between sales, purchases, and drops.


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