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Jul 3, 2021
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Announcement from last week: A Fresh New Look for Afternic.com - Afternic Blog

ow effective is GoDaddy search, with or without AI, at finding Afternic aftermarket domain names? You may be surprised by what I found.

It was recently announced that Afternic is updating their site, and the search functionality in particular. Probably most consider that a positive development, as Afternic search has felt outdated and limited for quite some time.
@Bob Hawkes
I Went Searching for Equality at GoDaddy
Thanks for posting article, @silentg !

I am planning/expecting a follow up article once I have some answers to questions, maybe Thursday or Friday this week.

It continues to evolve somewhat, probably nature of testing whatever their goals are, but it appears that much of the time it is hard to get Afternic Fast Transfer names to appear even when you search for the exact terms, but without the extension. I think if one searches with extension included they do always show.

However, I think their AI Powered search engine is either broken or has no link to any of the aftermarket catalog. Even when I tried the most direct prompts imaginable, it never found a name.

This is concerning when it is GD search, but if Afternic search becomes GD search, it is all the more concerning.

With the huge ENS announcement today minds at GD are on other things right now.


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