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What are the odds of him stepping down or calling an election?
What are the odds of him stepping down or calling an election?

Trudeau's entire reign of terror has been devised for one reason only: TO MAINTAIN POWER in a country that allows infinite terms of office.

So Trudeau screws with the electorate, he screws with our demographics, he spends money like a drunken sailor, he plays one province against the other, he stuffs the country full of people to satisfy his billionaire "partners" and create new Liberal voters, he lies and lies and lies, and works every angle possible to keep a stranglehold on power and even when he's the most hated black-face man in Canada and an international joke, he somehow slips into a minority government leadership with the NDP.

I've said this before, but all of Trudeau's evil machinations have one solitary goal, to ensure that the absolute worst election result possible for Trudeau would be a minority Liberal government.

It's a classic example of his personality type, where his psyche tells him to "Keep power at all costs" His family doesn't matter, his party doesn't matter, his electorate does matter, his country doesn't matter. But as with all evil dictatorships, there is eventually going to be a reckoning and I hope it's coming for Trudeau in this next election.

After this debacle, Canada needs to pass a law allowing for only 2 consecutive terms as PM, and ensure that no one can ever conceive of being a "PM for Life" dictator again, as you can see what happens when a true narcissist takes aim at that goal.

A person like this leaves behind a shattered country at war with itself and one teetering on the edge of insolvency with the economic indicators of a developing nation. Because none of that matters to him.
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if the Liberal party had any brains left they would force Trudeau out.

They have tried over and over, and those who have tried have also been severely punished for their sins by Trudeau.

I don't know if Canadians truly understand it, but we're currently under a dictatorship gained by a democratic vote with no real winner, where subsequent to the election, the will of the majority has not been respected or even acknowledged by our leader.

Trudeau just does what he wants, whenever he wants, and if there is a disagreement or conflict, he just buys off the easy-to-grease NDP and does it anyway. Canadians don't like it - too f-ing bad!

I think in his ever-troubled mind, Trudeau is continually punishing us all for not voting him a majority government.

I truly think that's part of it, since as noted by various relatives and colleagues, Trudeau absolutely despises having to kiss Singh's ass and toss him big bags of money in order to rule Canada with an iron fist. So the hate flows downward to unfortunate peons like us.
Singh and the NDP have a part to blame in this for allowing the minority government to continue.

Since the Liberals are so far left now, the NDP can work with that as opposed to another party like the Conservatives being in control.
Singh and the NDP have a part to blame in this for allowing the minority government to continue.

Of course, but they absolutely love the perks of co-ruling Canada.

All that Singh has to do is say he's not supporting X Bill or Y Legislation (or threaten a non-confidence vote in private) and Trudeau wheels in another few wheelbarrows full of cash for distribution to NDP-friendly organizations and institutes a few new NDP 'social programs', all to maintain his democratically-achieved dictatorship.

You know, Trudeau must really despise us for not handing him another majority government. You can see it in his eyes when someone calls him out in public.

Good luck trying to find the next "Kim Campbell" to walk into that dumpster fire of a leadership race.
there are enough stupid Liberal or would-be Liberal politicians who would think they could pull it off. Carney is mentioned as one, maybe Freeland would too. I am just glad that the possibility of Trudeau leaving is more real than ever, he deserves all the abuse he gets.
Like when Mulroney left before he could go to jail for all his scams, the "next guy/gal up" will pay for Trudeau's rule ten-fold and like Kim Campbell, create a historic defeat that is still laughed at decades later. If Trudeau steps down before the next election, whoever succeeds him will be absolutely toxic and totally finished in politics for life.

If you're a Liberal, what you want to see is Trudeau getting utterly defeated, give Canadians the catharsis we all want and deserve, then win the leadership afterwards and have a full 4 years to build back your support.

I think Trudeau will stay for the election because if he runs away he'll be branded a coward and assure his place in infamy. At least be a man and go down with the ship. Plus, narcissists never see reality as it is, and always look at it through a strange lens - i.e. Trudeau probably thinks he can win and wonders why everyone is so worried.
if Trudeau stays on for the next election , I hope he goes in genuinely thinking he has a chance to win it, then gets utterly crushed in a landslide loss.

Funny that calls within their own parties for stepping down have come to Trudeau and Biden just days apart after dismal performances, one a byelection and one a debate.

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