In Exceptional Case, Panel Redacts Complainant from UDRP (2 Viewing)

Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
Complainant requests that her identity, including the Domain Name, be redacted from this decision or that the decision be privately archived, stating:

“My privacy is of grave concern, and I do not want my name to hold any association with the explicit obscene content on the website in question, nor any association with the respondent. I am terrified of the situation escalating. I have evidence and heard from individuals who have received threats in these situations. For this reason, I have a specific request for the Forum to aide my privacy, safety, and identity. I do understand the ICANN rules and that my name being attached to the domain already makes it “public,” but I please ask for consideration that the case be privately archived or my name (in all forms including the domain) be redacted. A full choice to archive the case privately would be my most desired outcome. It has taken me a very long time to make this application due to fears of repercussion, identity theft or further harassment and defamation.”

Read here: In “Exceptional Case,” Panel Redacts Complainant from UDRP |
Interesting situation for sure

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