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Nov 4, 2020
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Was visiting the blog and hhe last post there was in April 2017

I am noticing this all over the place with .ca blogs abandoned.
Originally I was thinking this was because there was not enough interest to go around but upon reflection I have come to the conclusion that the .ca information is too scattered. With so many sites all trying to take a bit of the small .ca discussions and then it drops and the site goes under.

I hope the members of realize I built this site for them, I used a prime domain, no ads, no member fees, everything is completely free. All I ask in return is that we support our little area of the internet and come back and post so the site does not stagnate.

So lets show our support guys, see if you can sign up a few members and open a topic here and there. It is easy to post but we desperately need new topics and members to establish us as a viable .ca resource.

Thank you for your support! *THUMBSUP*

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