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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
theinvestor said:
Now, on another matter if we were to have a fully private .CA forum maybe we could all talk openly and be able to divulge more than we can on a public forum.

We currently have a Trusted Member forum which is private to most of the members and I could make another private forum open to invitation only. What you are asking is easily done if we agree there is a need for it. Private forums are NOT indexed by google.

PS since I know you well enough I have activated Trusted Member status for you, that gives you access to that forum.

Maybe we can discuss in private with all current members regarding the longevity of the forum while being public? It’s not like we have new domainers daily joining to buy and sell .CA domains.

Having a private forum may be more beneficial for the forum as a whole but also for you. Although the expenses of a forum are minimal you could charge a yearly fee for members to join. That would insure it remains active as people have a reason to be apart of it.
There is no reason we cannot have both, I think .ca needs a good public resource.

But also having a private forum by invitation only might be a better idea than granting access at 100 posts.

So we could discuss in the private forum who we give access to.

I can very easily implement that, we just need to decide if we want it.
Right now we have a Trusted Members forum where you get access if you reach 100 QUALITY posts.

The forum is private and not indexed by google.

[notify]theinvestor[/notify] has raised a good point and said domainers could share more if we had a PRIVATE forum.

I can easily implement a private forum where it would be forbidden to repost information on other sites and where the information would not be indexed.

That forum would be open by invitation only and the member base would decide who gets access. Anyone that breaks the confidentiality rule would have access taken away.

The question I have is....

Keep the Trusted Member Forum and add an Invitation Insiders Forum

Remove the Trusted Member Forum and replace with Invitation Only Insiders Forum.

Since the private forum is only for industry insiders it makes sense that we know who we are inviting so a user name that has 1000 posts would never qualify until we knew who it was and if he was an industry veteran.
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I am more for replacing the Trusted Members forum with a Private Industry Insider forum.

It would be ABSOLUTELY confidential and I am thinking to get in you need to disclose your Real Name and Website on an Index of some sort. It would never be published and would look something like this.

Frank Mardian - -

If we had 25 insiders they would be the only ones to ever see that but it would open up trust amongst ourselves and we would not have to worry about outside interference with our discussions.
I am all for it but my concern would be is if this were to happen then you may not have people post in the open forum. If the idea for you is to build a resource and have it all indexed on google this may take away from it.
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