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Anyone buying at those prices deserves what they get

Take that any way you want to!
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Can you please share the Coupon Code you used to get that pricing, since I am getting a different pricing.. LOL

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 6.34.53 PM.png
Is that the renewal fee as well?
I believe so. Insanity. Google is so proud of this TLD they forgot only they can afford these prices. đź’¸

Besides, I don't see how host.ing domain can be advantageous when it comes to establishing ranking authority. From what I read, unless you become a complete content authority on a subject, Google isn't necessarily going to push your name up the rankings. Cool bragging rights though.
Just last Friday I posted (on another forum) about host.ing selling for $39,000. Someone grabbed it over the weekend.

It might have cost them more than that

Did somebody spend a million bucks on a Google domain hack?

The EAP was notable for just how premium the first-week prices were — if you really wanted a quality domain hack for your business, it would cost you well north of $1 million.

Source for the quote above:
Did somebody spend a million bucks on a Google domain hack? - Domain Incite

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