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Nov 23, 2023
Toronto, ON
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Here’s What TTC Advertising Costs…

It's certainly not cheap and that doesn't even include the ad design costs, which depending on how detailed you want, can also get pretty high.

Those small interior ads have also jumped, with quotes from $5,600 to $34,000. Whoa!

Thanks, that's a great resource and really puts the cost of premium domain ownership into the chump-change category. I've periodically used advertising prices as a comparison to domain names and it makes for a really strong argument for the long term value of a domain name - provided its a business that advertises.
And having a good company and paying a lot of money to advertise it using a crappy domain just doesn't have the same impact. It's like a guy with a great CV walking into an interview dressed like a bum and sucking on a bottle in a paper bag. It doesn't give the best impression.

For example, imagine that big bus station ad for using say... (owned but not used by or even (available for handreg). I've heard this from ad guys and I believe it, that people do not register or remember long and convoluted domains in ads or other promotions.

12 letters is the accepted maximum for recall and 10 or less is even better. There are other factors such as the number of words (a slightly-longer 2-word domain is better than a shorter 4-word) along with the impact and recognition factor of the words, but generally speaking, shorter is better.

So spending a lot of money to advertise using some 24-letter monstrosity like is kind of a waste of that big pile of money.
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back in the early 2000's my opinion would have been that by 2024 good and great .ca domains would be in high demand and regularly selling at great prices, and there would be higher recognition of domain values from the general public. Especially if nothing had come along to replace the need for domain names. I can't really say that my opinion back then has come anywhere close to true. Although apps weren't around back then and bookmarking is easier than ever, so that might be part of it. In fact I'd say nothing much has changed in .ca for 20 years. It is just steady, seeing the odd good sale here and there, for all these years. Anyone else who's been around since the early 2000's in domains care to chime in?
Like if we're in 2024 and a company still sees sense in using as a domain to advertise, I mean how far have we really come??
I can't say I disagree. I've made a good living from it all these years no doubt, but I am still disappointed in what public price expectations are too after all these year. Not that I ever thought sales alone would be easy though, so a significant portion of my buying strategy was always based on having a backup plan (development).
I agree and as others have stated many times, Canada is way behind the curve when it comes to domain names and online business promotion in general.

Every week you see multiple US companies making a splash with a big domain acquisition and the resultant publicity, while in Canada we're still operating like it's the 80's with our dogsleds and our 24-letter domains.
Quite amusing to see them spending 10's of thousands on ads like that while owning such crappy domains.
Re: The Your Ontario Community College for Full and Part-time studies | Conestoga College ad

This is the diploma mill that a bunch of international "students" flock to so, I'm sure they're not hurting for cash...yet. Things might change next year though :)

Conestoga College permits for international students cut by more than 50% |

The school is currently home to 45,000 students across all its campuses in Waterloo Region, Guelph, Brantford, Ingersoll, Stratford and Milton.

That number has grown rapidly over the past decade as the school has relied on an influx of international students. It currently has 30,000.
This is the diploma mill that a bunch of international "students" flock to so, I'm sure they're not hurting for cash...yet. Things might change next year though :)

Yeah, this is really sick what these schools are doing, as per the gov't report that stated Canadian schools are "selfishly gorging themselves on International students" without any concern as to how this affects Canada and Canadian citizens. "Can't find a place to live? Screw you, I just got another 50% raise!"

When I went to University, we had foreign students in the same classrooms with us and they did the same work, assignments and exams. Now, a lot of schools keep them in separate classes (or movie theaters or empty warehouses or where ever the school can find cheap space to stuff them in) in order to create "diploma mills" and keep those foreign dollars flowing. Remember those foreign students who failed an exam (from a professor who obviously wouldn't 'play ball'), went to the media about it and then the school passed them all. These schools wash their hands of this by thinking "they're just going back to their home country anyway, so who cares?"

Unfortunately, these same foreign students and their fake degrees/diplomas then apply and get immigrant status in Canada and use said fake degree to get a job. Then they authorize buildings or houses or systems for scam, fly-by-night companies, either knowingly for cash or due to not having a full educational background - and this is already happening (the same Canadian-educated guy - who's is now back in India - signed off on a pile of faulty buildings out west) and it's going to be a real rabbit hole in the coming years.

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