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Dec 19, 2020

International SEO strategy
SEO tips to attract both Canadian and international visitors

We know .CA is best for Canadian customers; here's how to set up your website to attract international visitors too

Brock Murray
Tuesday, June 8, 2021

If you’re managing a website for a Canadian business, you’re almost certainly using a .CA domain. This is the de facto choice for a Canadian business with a primarily Canadian audience, and it’s great for SEO. But, what if you’re looking to maximize reach outside the borders of the Great White North? After all, the more you can broaden your audience, the more potential there is for your business when appealing to the appropriate regional demographics.

While there are many tools and techniques available, international SEO is the Swiss Army knife you will need to make the most significant impact outside of locally targeted areas. Keeping that in mind, Canadian businesses need to balance attracting international visitors while remaining relevant and appealing to locals.

Today, let’s explore the fundamentals of international SEO, discuss why multi-country targeting is crucial, and walk you through the basic setup process. Afterwards, we’ll touch on the ideal next steps for your strategy.


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