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Nov 16, 2020
I was just looking at the last weeks TBR results list, looking for other registrars that may have caught a few domains, Not the myid's or other big boys but some small ones that may have snuck in a picked a few decent names up.

I noticed picked up one last week. When I contacted the customer support they indicated that TBR is not a service they have available. I also see that they have .ca registrations of $50 listed on the home page.'s price is looking pretty good right now lol. I asked them why their listed price was so high compared to $9.99 at other registrars but they did not answer.
They mostly do business registrations and quite honestly count on the ignorance of the business to charge those prices. When I ran a Mercedes-Benz franchise we used them for years for all registrations, we never once questioned pricing, we just paid the bills for any domains we owned.

I ran that franchise even after I got into the domaining business and quite honestly there was so much to do that bothering about the cost of domains seemed irrelevant.

That is how I know about

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