Is .eth the new .com? (1 Viewing)

The article's take on the offers for amazon.eth is interesting too - as no where are they taking under consideration that it is a protected trademark in some sense. I miss the part of the article where they talk about how some of the web3 domains are lawless spaces without dispute resolution.
.eth domains are doing well but they're not going to replace .com anytime soon.

Can you even use a .eth domain for a regular website??
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I think the sector is trying to build something new and fresh that differentiates from web2 and web3. Which is a good thing. Replace .com? Not a chance.

When apps came out, the app community was pushing a similar view, however, web 3 is pushing hype through spammy emails that you better not miss out and be left behind. The people behind the 1000’s of extensions seem to be the only one’s making the serious coin.
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there are some pretty good .eth sales every day, for example if you got a short numeric earlier this year you'd have a great return selling it.

there is a blog on that tracks .eth sales every day.
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The question was replace . Com? No.

Be used in web3. Most likely.

Good names will sell. No matter the extension ( well, except dot mobi lol)
As someone who works with some big brand clients, it is painful to see some clueless newbie Web3 'domainers' think it's a good idea to register [bigbrandname].eth and think they can avoid the reach of the law. Karma is a bitch, as these newbs are going to find out the hard way.

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