Is he a squatter? (1 Viewing)


Nov 6, 2020

"A professional cyber squatter who bought a website domain similar to one of Australia's biggest horse races is trying to cash in by demanding $1million from event organisers."

Is he a smart businessman, a squatter, or an opportunist?
I reckon he didn't buy (a site with potential as a lottery) for the sole reason of targeting a stupid horse race in backwoods Australia, and that article is obviously a quid pro quo arrangement with the race sponsors and MSN, as it seems to have been written by the race organizers themselves.

And I love how the investor bought it for $2500 wholesale and the cheap-ass race organizers lowballed at $1000 then go whining to Daily Mail/MSN. That just makes them look like idiots and losers and should prove the domain buyer isn't targeting cheapass hobos like this. LOL
I see no evidence that this domain owner has attempted to directly profit from the trademark of this company. Of course it would be a different story if he reached out to them to offer the name...

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