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Nov 6, 2020
Remember headline

Companies Urge Canada Domain Name Policy Change in NAFTA Rewrite

A trade group representing GoDaddy Operating Co. LLC, Donuts Inc., and other domain name companies wants a renegotiated NAFTA deal to enable U.S. businesses to register a .ca domain name without having to incorporate in Canada.

I know godaddy has incorporated in Canada since the article but I wonder if .ca domain names will be back on the table once Biden makes president.
That's just ridiculous b.s. talk and will never happen. If CIRA ever opened .ca (which I doubt), they certainly wouldn't do it due to some U.S. company lawsuits. In fact, to show how ridiculous it is, the .US has the same presence requirements!
It's a whole debate, would it be a good or bad thing? Probably good for people with an existing portfolio, but not good for getting names in the future, if you get more participants in the TBR for example. It would have to increase demand for .ca's. From a public internet user standpoint, it's probably nicer to know that a .ca website must be tied to someone meeting the Canadian presence requirement.
The only way to open it up is for the CIRA to be extremely strict in which US companies are allowed to buy, and not just let it be a free-for-all with any US entity allowed to mass-buy .CA domains, which would be be horrible for everyone involved, from Canadian companies to citizens relying on at least some level of Canadian relevance.

And man, if it was open game, those Californians would go hog wild.

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