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Dec 4, 2020
thought this topic was mentioned before (could not find in search)

anyways, looking for a lander script where I can automate (pre-set template) and have it populate pages on the fly
no need for traffic aggregators, wanted to put my own message out there to be published in bulk fashion on my 2nd level domains

thanks in advance is actually quite good and I would look at it and

I have not tried DNHat myself but know some domainers using it.

I have tried efty and the difference between the two is that Efty is evolving much faster like its integration with

Regardless of which one you use please check back in and tell us how you like it.
Does DNHAT allow you to show CAD prices? Does efty?

I tried Efty a few years back and that was the one think I didn't like about it.

Sedo, Afternic and Dan have the same limitations but for places that allow you to set up your own marketplace should allow you to choose your own currency as well

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