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Am waiting for the CDRP which so far has not materialized.

I did respond to Mr Skin doctor telling him he would be sued for all legal expenses when he loses the CDRP.
I informed him that my legal council would come at a considerable price and that I also bill for my time when I launch a law suit.

Why am I posting this here?

Because I am dead serious, I would have every intention to follow through with that action and I just want to reiterate that in topic so Mr Skin doctor understands the ramifications of his baseless actions should they materialize.
Agreed. You'd have no choice but to. If you roll over even once, you open up the door to many future attempts at the same baloney. The funny thing is they're usually lawyers or have a lawyer family member, or are just a lawyer wannabe who should know better, but hubris gets in the way of common sense and they waste their time and money anyways.

You can use a good CDRP win anyways. Its like having skulls mounted on stakes leading up your driveway. Its a major "proceed with caution" message, lol.
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