.CA LFM.ca Sold For $2,500 At Sedo! (1 Viewing)

And that same domain would sell for 4-figures on the TBR.
It's parked at the moment but I would not have sold it under 5k

That said, it will be interesting to see the end user.... if any at this point

Probably bought by an investor and at 2.5k its not a bad deal
bought by a market in Langley BC, or not?
not my sale
It's a silly sale to an end user.

I paid 5k to @Eby in 2008 for a 3 letter acronym to use for one of my businesses.

Once you convert to CAD LFM.ca sold for $3375.00 CAD and after commission the seller gets around $2,500 CAD

Way, way, way undersold!!
That is NOT correct @MapleDots. I wish you would correct yourself on this.

Thank you for correcting that Eby

I purchase so many domains that things go cloudy sometimes.

The one I purchased from Eby was 2.5k

I have purchased so many domains at the 5k mark over the years that I was remembering that sale incorrectly.

That said, this happened over a decade ago so the sale of LFM.ca for the same price is probably undersold.
I think Eby should have held out for $5K.




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