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Nov 4, 2020
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There are a number of appraisal services out there:

Saw - Appraisals - Saw

2. Estibot - Estibot

3. Godaddy:

4. Graen -

5. NameWorth - Advanced Domain Appraisals - Name Worth | Free Valuations

I will edit and add to this list as more services are posted below​

My opinion on the services...

Saw is my favourite, I think it is one of the more accurate services, if there is such a thing.

2. Estibot is the Industry leader And the oldest and most trusted service.

3. Godaddy - Tops out at 25k and has some of the more liberal prices for obvious reasons.

4. Graen - Has a Now Value and Future Value which makes it quite unique.

5. NameWorth - Has the absolute highest values and is great to quote when trying to sell a domain.
6. Domain Price Checker (PC.DOMAINS)

This is a sister company of Sedo so they must at least have a lot of sales data to work with.

You can get free appraisals using their default "estimation model" and paying members can choose from 5 different "estimation models".

Paying members also get a report type of thing with their appraisal (see below)

Paying members can also do bulk appraisals and export their results.

Account Options and Pricing:


Five different estimation models (see explanations for each model further below):

Price Range (default): Price range is based on several trained data models, where all available data sets are used to determine the variation of the estimated price.

Price Model 1: Domain sales below $10 (related to all domain sales) are not included in the analysis. Furthermore, domain sales below $100 (related to all .com domain sales) are not included in the analysis.

Price Model 2: Domain sales below $100 will not be considered in the analysis (related to all TLDs)

Price Model 3: All available data sets are considered in the analysis.

Price Range (Sedo): Price range is based on several trained data models, where only SEDO data sets are used to determine the variation of the estimated price.

Example of an appraisal using the default estimation model:


The bulk appraisal tool:

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You can only do 2 searches per day without a subscription (like estibot).

Not always the greatest as sometimes they don't even show an appraisal for good domains (as in it comes up blank), and I generally don't like the valuations they come up with, but "sometimes" their valuation can be higher than anywhere else.

One particular thing I like about these guys is how they sometimes show the original registration date of a domain when you can't really find it elsewhere. I assume they must harvest this specific data every time someone looks up a domain.

Here's an example where they did save the original registration date prior to me acquiring the domain in TBR in 2020:


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10. (99 USD)


Appraisals for individual domains​

Appraisal of a domain portfolio​

Do you want to buy or sell a domain, but are not sure of its value? Our scientifically backed domain appraisal will identify a domain's value quickly and inexpensively.

Our many years of experience, and the world's largest database of domain sales aid our experts in determining your domain's precise market value. The result: A meaningful, scientifically backed domain appraisal within 5 business days – a perfect starting point for price negotiations.
  • Scientifically backed appraisal: Domain analysis based on 10 factors, such as search engine suitability, advertising effectiveness, selling or buying prospects
  • Includes market indicators: List of comparable domain names and previously achieved selling prices
  • Appraisal is sent via email within 5 business days
99 $ per appraisal

Order a Domain Appraisal now
Our Domain Portfolio Appraisal is the right choice when an appraisal for more than 50 names is needed – e.g. as a starting point for price negotiations.

Our experts will determine the monetary market value for every single domain in your portfolio and the total value of the portfolio in dollars – quickly and reliably. Benefit from Sedo's vast experience and the world's largest database of domain transactions.
  • A valuation for every single domain and for the entire domain portfolio as a whole
  • Scientifically backed method: Domain analysis based on 10 factors such as search engine suitability, advertising effectiveness, selling or buying prospects
  • Appraisal is sent via email within 10 days of receipt of payment
Prices on request. Please use the following link to inquire about a portfolio appraisal. Select "Brokerage" for the Area and "Portfolio Appraisals" for the Topic.

Inquire about Portfolio Appraisal now

The Sedo method - how we appraise domains:​


Does the domain extension match the language of the domain name? How well known is the TLD?

Is the domain short enough? Is it easy to remember?

How complex is the actual domain name? Does it contain special characters?

How high is the risk of mistyping the domain name? Does the name have any unexpected spellings?

International usability

Can the domain name be used on an international scale? Does the name function locally or globally?

Does the domain follow search engine guidelines? Is the domain subject to any sanctions?

Could domain be used for advertising campaigns? How does the name sound?

Is there a high sales potential? Or a demand for this domain?

Can the domain be used as a company address? Or should an alternative be found?

Experience and Market insight

Many years of expertise and the world's largest database for comparable domain sales

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)​

You will find the most frequently asked questions here.

  1. When and how will I get my domain appraisal?
  2. Can I get any domain name appraised?
  3. Does Sedo offer bulk or portfolio appraisals?
  4. Does Sedo appraise developed websites?
Additional questions & answers
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11. Domain Appraisal and Fairness Opinions -

Domain Appraisal and Fairness Opinions

What is Domain Appraisal?​

A domain appraisal is an estimate of a domain name's monetary value calculated based on several factors including the domain extension, number of characters, keywords, domain age and the sales of similar domain names sold in the past

As a recognized authority on domain name transactions, Epik offers appraisals and fairness opinions for domain names and websites

Are you wondering how much your domain names are worth? This valuation service will help you get fair appraisals based on your names metrics and the sales of similar domain names.


Free Domain Appraisal​

For customers looking for a rough appraisal

Fairness Opinion​

For customers looking for a rough appraisal

The free domain appraisal tool uses available statistics to estimate domain value. Due to the automated nature of this appraisal, it is not recommended as a definitive basis for valuation but only as a guide.
Free Domain Appraisal Tool

Epik is pleased to offer a complimentary fairness opinion. You can request a fairness opinion by submitting the following.

Request Fairness Opinion

Had an inquiry yesterday that made me laugh

The person took screenshots of my domain using 3 appraisal services, then they averaged all three and made me an offer which I was not allowed to refuse because it is using real market tools.

I simply responded that I could ask 3 brokers to estimate the value of Twitter stock right now and then ask him to invest based on the average response.

Would that be a sound decision?

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