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7:56 AM
Jul 1, 2021
Anyone find their domain on GD auctions/afternic, but without listing it? :lol:

I just RANDOMLY looked for something completely unrelated, and by fluke accident noticed one of my domains is listed on GD. I grabbed this one a few months ago for a buddy's project. It doesn't have NS, it's not listed for sale anywhere, not pointed anywhere, it's just sitting dead because we haven't had time to get to it. It's not even registered at GD...

common, especially for domains you pick up in tbr. previous owners listed them, and the sales platforms never clean up their databases.
That's the good part of having domains at GoDaddy

For me when I sell a domain at auction it removes it from my account, I don't have to do anything else.

Also if I sell a domain to someone else and it moves out of my GoDaddy account it is automatically removed from my auction.

PS. Godaddy must be making some changes, the bulk tools have been glitchy lately. I did a package sale of 22 domains and trying to move them in bulk took several attempts.

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