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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON

So a year ago I made an offer of $250 via email and via godaddy for a .ca domain name that really only made sense for my business motto. I specialize in Maple Domains and this was a two word domain with the first word being maple.

Now it truly had very little value to anyone else unless they wanted to put it to a specific use.

I got a response back asking for around 1.2k and I politely declined saying it was something where I figured if I could pick it up on the cheap I would.

So a year later the domain goes to TBR, the domainer had all my information and he decided to let the domain expire instead of contacting me to claim his $250 dollars. Obviously he did not record my information or the offer, instead he let the domain expire without attempting to complete our original negotiations.

I picked up the domain and used canspace to get it for me.

My final costs after taxes was around 69 bucks.

Why Why Why do some domainers not properly record their inquiries????

I would have given him the $250 had he re-contacted me.


Please people do not leave money on the table.
I almost hate to say it but a single $250 Cdn sale is almost not worth the bother. For some almost half would go to taxes, then you have the hassle of the transfer if the other person doesn't know what they're doing, or if you contact them they might try to negotiate you down, etc. If they have other investments doing well and are busy, I can see not bothering with a low offer from a year ago that they might have to dig up and hope the other person is still interested. $500 is about the lowest offer I'd deal with nowadays for a single domain sale, but I prefer keeping it $1,000+
I definitely see and understand both sides of this. It just depends on the person and how busy they are at the moment those domains are expiring. Some would be thrilled to take the $250 rather than letting it expire, some can't be bothered. Like @mapledots says, being organized and on the ball would prevent from domains with offers slipping through the cracks. But its also likely that the guy is probably deciding what to renew/drop at the last second and thus didn't take the time to really check that stuff.
I will put a footnote onto my opening post.

I happen to know in no uncertain terms the domainer I was trying to purchase from needs all the money he can get. He was constantly complaining that the renewals were killing him.

I will assure you he would not have passed up the $250, he simply forgot about the offer when he let his next batch of domains drop. The guy dropped them constantly because he could not afford renewals.
Well then yes, there must be a disconnect between their offers and their renewals - all information about a domain needs to be linked so you can make informed decisions.
Good business practice pays off in the long run. Clever on your part to have kept an eye for it.
People pass up money all the time and accept lower amounts later. Some don’t care for $250. I haven’t sold a domain under 5K that I can recall.

I can’t say that I’ve ever dropped a domain that I’ve received an offer on either. So maybe it was oversight or maybe the amount was meaningless to them.

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