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Nov 11, 2020
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I had an interesting email this week. First when I started buying .ca’s in early 2000, I was literally buying a lot of crap like a lot of “Newbies” tend to do. Including some typos…. One of those typos is a very popular email service provider which people still use….. As you can see by the email I received below.

I realize that I shouldn’t still own the name considering how close it is to the real domain name. But different story for a different day.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?
I get those kinds of emails occasionally, but I don't let them use the email address (even temporarily), since it could easily be an unauthorized attempt to hijack someone else's account.

That was a popular way of stealing domain names, registering domains that were attached to admin emails, etc. It can also be used for non-domain account takeovers (e.g. financial crime, bitcoin, etc.).

(Generally, most online services put an account in "pending" status until they actually verify that initial email address, so the story already feels fishy to me.)
yep, have had similar inquiries over the years, under a variety of different circumstances. As George points out, being helpful might not always be the best option. However, I suppose you could set up the email, go to the activision login yourself, request a password reset, then log in yourself to see of their story checks out. If you've had this domain for many years, then its highly unlikely that the email address was ever legitimately used for anything else anyways - thus limiting the potential for this being a scam.
My original plan was to just change over the NS to accept any emails from that typo account and with any emails from activision to forward to Dylan. I would remain in control of everything else…. But in the end, they found a way around the issue so no harm no foul.

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