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Saw this earlier today and wondered if it was related to this topic, but turns out they are totally different companies.

I do wonder if this rapidly growing Canadian company might have been the motivation behind the UK company buying though. Either way, still interesting, especially for Mr.[notify]MapleDots[/notify] I'm sure.
Roofoods has owned the domain for years, they must just have updated something.

Maple is a very in demand word, I should know I sell enough of them.

Maple is massive in China and the US, actually I sell more to those markets in .com than Canada.
The broker called me on this one a few months back and if I remember correctly I moved up to 250k.

So you know it sold for more than that but I don't think too much more because I know the broker was going to let it go at 800k and had no takers.

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