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PS. I am currently forwarding my domains to my marketplace with a banner to market harvest the traffic and hopefully bring visitors to
Here was my response....

I will answer a few of your points...

1. I often change where my domains point and right now half of them point to a new project I started therefore for the next few months my domains are uses to highlight that instead.

2. Everything you mentioned is completely accurate except it does not take long to forward the domains, it is done in less than 3 keyclicks, here is how I do it.

I am with go daddy so I forward all my domains masked to a SUBDOMAIN of my marketplace like
That is a one time procedure and I set the domains as masked (I will explain why in a moment) with the name of the document as "Contact".
With the GoDaddy bulk tools you can do all that in a few minutes but now I will share how you can do that with any registrar. So with another registrar that does not have good bulk tools it might be a project but you will only EVER have to do it once if you do it my way.

So once you forwarded all your domains to a subdomain like then you are done.

Now go to the subdomain and point it wherever you like, which means all 1000 domains go to where you want them to, in this case it was my online store. Now I have a different project so I forward that subdomain to my new project and in 2 keyclicks all 1000 domains point there.

Here is the good juicy part... the person that types the domain into the address bar will see that domain retained in the address bar but depending on the project I have it forwarded to I might be doing business with the end site so I simply load this code..

<base target='_top'/>

Now on the first click anywhere in the site it breaks out of the frame and goes back to the proper web address. That gives the visitor who typed the domain into the address long enough to see it there but it changes to whatever I forwarded it to on the first click. Because I titled the Page as CONTACT the person looking for domain typed into the address bar also sees that as the Document and Tab name giving reader a clue to contact for more info.
MapleDots said:
Incognito Domainer

Funny, I just now received an inquiry on Incognito... Was that you, incognito? lol.
rlm said:
Funny, I just now received an inquiry on Incognito... Was that you, incognito? lol.

HeHe.... would you knock off a few thousand if you knew it was me? :p

Seriously though.... no not me, maybe someone got an idea.

Besides, knowing you I could probably save myself a small mint by going for one of these instead...


You know, they have a good ring to them, maybe someone will want to pick one up.

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