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Nov 4, 2020
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@dancarls made me aware of this new website forwards to and dan asked me if I owned the domain or domains previously.

Turns out I did own and dropped it a while back.

The current company uses google domains as their registrar which is technically tucows and they use wix for their website.

I also use googledomains for all of my active websites including, there are a number of reasons for that and email is the most important one. As a registrar for active sites google domains has a host of advantages.

Anyways, nice to see the site live.

PS. I cannot say for sure but it looks to me like this could be the company that was negotiating for and from me recently.
I was unable to come to a pricing agreement on those domains and they were pretty upset saying they needed to launch.
So if this is the company, it goes to show there are still plenty of nice hand registrations left.

PPS. Anyone using wix, please be careful, the company has a NO EXIT policy, they will not let you move your data out. If you move to a different host you lose your data.

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