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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

A member of sold the domain for a considerable amount of money and since the domain changed hands quite a while ago I thought I would check to see what was up to.

Before I begin though I would like to say that Medical Doctor would have been the natural choice for this domain but instead it was sold to a financial company called MD Financial Management (MD).

The company was running under and they spent a considerable amount of money on but they have yet to use the shiny new domain. Sure md forwards to but to spend that amount of money and not fully utilize the domain is quite baffeling.
They look like a financial site with a lot of users, so switching to might be a hassle because all of the cost involved and their materials etc would have to be switched over, get everyone used to the new name, and so on. Since they refer to themselves as MD it makes sense for them to own even if they never build anything on it.
maybe they have other plans for it, or just like to own their name and keep it as a redirect. Also keeps anyone else from using it. IF they had been using something like I would definitely switch over to the shorter, but is also very short and looks good too.
Amazing how this company comes up in conversation - my first job during University, running mining and film investment tax scams for doctors at their main office on Alta Vista - them were the days.

And yes, they are likely using in promotions (every letter counts on an ad) and possibly email, and switching over a large company to a new domain is a big job, but it's something they probably have planned for the future. is too good to keep under wraps forever.
MapleDots said:
Apparently there is a Medical Doctor connection.

MD Management is a tax shelter investment company that caters exclusively to doctors. Whichever area is getting the highest tax breaks (investment tax credits, etc.) they buy for their clients and then quickly sell, pushing profits into another lucrative area.

If the Canadian government is pushing pre-prod mining stocks, they buy them, when film and media was hot MD was in like Flynn, and if the eco-market is getting the tax breaks, MD is buying like mad, and so on... It's a pretty simple business strategy that targets one of the wealthiest groups, and is largely based on short-term gains using the preferential tax credit treatment of a given business sector.
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