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Jul 1, 2022
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Hi there,
So I have some news for you.I have decided to leave GoDaddy.
My last day is April 28.GoDaddy acquired my company, DNAcademy, last year and it is now 100% integrated as GoDaddy Domain Academy.

The entire course and toolset is rebuilt from the ground-up and I’m excited about a couple of new tools we have in development.The GoDaddy employees in the Domains division are smart, hard working, and care about their customers.

I’ll miss working with them.I’ve been in and out of retirement since 2008 and am excited to spend the summer playing pickleball and deep-diving into the exciting world of artificial intelligence.

If that interests you, stay tuned! 🤖 But don’t worry, I’m still a domain investor first and foremost, and I look forward to staying involved in the industry, on Clubhouse, and Zoom socials.
And watch out: there will be another bidder in the hot GoDaddy Auctions starting in May! 🚀Here are my top 5️⃣-for-Friday domain tweets from this week.Have a great weekend, my friend!

Michael Cyger leaving GoDaddy
Michael is a heck of a nice guy and is very controlled when he responds to people on Twitter. I have always admired his ability to respond with a cool head even thoug I have seen him lose it a bit on a couple of occassions. That said, with so many followers he has held up incredibly well with his measured responses. I admire that and I wish him well.

Now my feelings about the DN Academy and GoDaddy partnership..... I was never comfortable with that and I can say with almost all certanty that he was obligated to stay on for a period of time when he sold the company. In private he is probably letting out a gigantic sigh being released of those obligations.

See Michael here: https://twitter.com/MichaelCyger


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