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Jul 1, 2022
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Money is about buying power.

Bitcoin at $67,000 in 2021 was worth a lot more than bitcoin at the same price in 2024.

You can figure safely 25% disparity.

So for bitcoin, to be equal to 2021 levels, it would have to be 67,000+25% + $16,750 = $83,750

So when bitcoin hits $84,000 it will be the same price. It was in 2021.

And that's only if we measure at 25%. In fact, real estate has gone up 50%. So the big ticket items have increased the most. So there's a range and the other side of that range is bitcoin to be worth $126,000 to be equal to 2021.

So real estate will outperformed bitcoin.

So if you had a $67,000 piece of property in 2021 it's worth at least $100,000 today.

And bitcoin doesn't put a roof over your head either does gold. So real estate has its ups and downs but over hundreds of years has only gone up.

Domains are no different. Demand increases. Every time a business opens. Every time a business expands or comes out with a new product.

Real estate and Domains can be controlled by the owner more so than bitcoin or gold or stocks in which the only control you have is when you buy it and when you sell it.

You can't improve your bitcoin.. It is what it is.

Now I am not down on these other things I own plenty of all of this. But I know the difference. I can see and articulate the difference. I'm not blind to the differences. I look at things over a long term and see how they perform.

And just like you can't buy Manhattan for $24 anymore you can't buy bitcoin for $24 either. So you have to keep it current. You have to look at extremes and then you have to discord the extremes.

When you examine something, especially numbers, you look at it from many points of view to determine the reality.

Numbers or my guiding light. They tell a story that no human being capable of.

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