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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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So funny, I said the exact words to my wife this morning over coffee.

I said as Canadians we kneel down to our government, put our hands behind our back and let them zip tie our hands together in the hopes that our niceness will yield results.

The post above virtually says exactly what I said, our Prime minister and his leashed puppy Singh have got to understand we are angry because with each new announcement another fundamental right is being taken away from us.

The one that really woke me up is the idea that farmers cannot sell their product directly to the public. It started with milk but rumours are produce and eggs are next. Did you read the story about the ice creamery that cannot sell their ice cream to stores?

I love the twitter post above, it's well spoken and well thought out, definitely my favourite tweet of the day.
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Spencer is a great writer and not afraid to tell the truth. I have been following him for a while now.

Everything happening right now is under the disguise of “climate change”. Not sure if anyone has heard what is going on in The Netherlands or what has happened in Sri Lanka. The media here is Trudeau’s puppet so you won’t hear much about it.

Many will not realize that a lot of these countries are in lockstep with an agenda under the direction of the corrupt WEF and WHO. A couple of the Conservatives running for election next month has come out against the WEF.

I literally could go on all day about this but my Daughter turns 20 today so time to spend a few hours with her. :)

The picture below says it all.

Most people in Canada vote left, they vote for dreams and not reality :)

I am not saying the conservative politicians are on people's side; it is just that their base is more critical and therefore is more challenging to advance big government policies.

Canada had its share of globalist, scheme to tax carbon for control was a made in Canada idea.

And the political grooming goes on:

Jagmeet Singh
Justin Trudeau

Everything happening right now is under the disguise of “climate change”. Not sure if anyone has heard what is going on in The Netherlands or what has happened in Sri Lanka.
I know very well about what happened in Sri Lanka under the same disguise.
Imagine politicians trying to tell farmers how best to grow their crops? I'm sure they use no more fertilizer than necessary because it's a cost to them.

After two years of supply chain disruption, now politicians want to go and mess with our food supply? that's all we need right now, is years of messed up crops. what the heck are they thinking?

Maybe politicians and celebrities should first ditch their private jets and other extravagances if there is such a climate emergency, before going after the food supply.
Sometimes I wonder if politicians have forgotten who they work for.
While I wasn't a huge supporter, that was one of the nice things about the convoy in Ottawa. A bit of a wake up call for the government. Government should be afraid of the people, not the other way around.
That picture is kind of idiotic, as there is no color in any of the subjects, just color grids that try to overlap the black, grey and white shades.

It's like half-painting a paint-by-number with thin lines, then laughing when someone says "the boat is blue". It is blue, just not entirely painted.

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