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They either filmed it upside down using a thin clear plate for release and a blank spot on top (i.e gluing a mat on the ceiling - like an old Batman show) or they determined the trajectory through multiple test runs and then used colored balls to match up each position.

Probably the last one, as it makes the most sense and it's not just a visual trick.
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If you're not reusing animation, then you're not trying hard enough.

Look at those old Ralph Bakshi Spider-man cartoons (Season 2 on), hell they reused entire episodes to create "new" episodes so many times that you couldn't tell the players without a scorecard. Loved the real Spidey in S1, but watching that Bakshi retread crap on reruns definitely scarred my youth.
This video pretty much sums up my life the last 2 years or so…… It’s all “my fault”.

wait till Canada signs the WHO's International Treaty on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response. It is set to be signed in 2024 or sooner. This treaty strips away healthcare determinations by sovereign nations and hands authority to the WHO.

It will be your life forever:)

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