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yeah that’s a crap yourself moment. I've only run into a grizzly a couple times on a trail before, one was using the rail trail bridge over a wide river to get across, he saw us coming on our bikes, and started sprinting towards us, we turned tail and went back the other way, but as soon as the bear crossed the bridge, he booked it into the woods. Basically he realized he wanted to get off the bridge before we made it on, so that's why he was running.

the other time was backpacking in Glacier National Park last fall, crossed the trail ahead of us. check out the claws on that guy…

I would have been in my pants! Oh Wow.
FYI, I didn't take that pic, it was a group of old ladies just steps in front of us, who had stopped to take a pic of the view when the bear popped out of the brush and walked right in front. The one lady had the presence of mind to snap that picture. He was gone in seconds.
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