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MapleDots said:
Why the hell do I like that video? :eek:

Because it's ridiculous and awesome at the same time... lol
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new take on the old Devo Whip It video? or a bad Saturday Night Live sketch?
That is a kinder gentler TC…he is total vitriol now.

Does everyone see the same Ahrefs ad when it starts? Quite targeted. Don't have a subscription atm but I previously did.
Andrew Rosener’s theme song whenever he makes a big sale:

Here’s the actual music video, in case anyone is feeling gangsta like Rosener today:

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Esdiel said:
Interesting hearing it come from his mouth. And yes, I'm fully vaccinated:

I’ve never been a fan of his! There is just something about him that irks me! He kind of reminds me of some families that have that creepy Uncle who you don’t want at the dinner table around Christmas!
I never cared too much but I think I like Bill Gates.

People have always said it's not fair that people like Bill made millions a minute, while others starve, etc. And that billionaires should share their wealth or do some good with their money... And now that Bill is actually using his money for good causes, people are still pissed and thinks it's all an evil plot. The "poor" guy can't win no matter what he does.

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