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Nov 4, 2020
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Most of you will not be able to read that tweet because Rick has a private account so here is the text.

Morning folks! My first 4000 character tweet on Twitter! Fantastic! I am on the mend, but it will be several more weeks before I know if I have taken care of all or some of my issues. I always said I would invest in Domains until the day I die. Well now I guess I have a little bit more proof to show for that. DrawAi .com Gazzy. com RxGroup .com And an update on Conon .com that I paid $2701 for on my 27th year anniversary of domain investing. So Conon .com gets 1500 typeins and earned $360 in the first 31 days. It will pay for itself in 7.5 months, and then go on to pay for other domains. About 400 of them per year. That’s how I play the domain game. That’s why I actually love renewals. Self-supporting, self-sustaining, self-appreciating assets. But it doesn’t apply to pigeonshit. And if none of your domains get type-ins, do you really think that’s the right path? This is the NUMBER ONE reason that you don’t start with a sales page, you start with a PPC page which can serve as both for at least the first 30-90 days. Two paths. A right path and a wrong path. A path to financial independence and the path to selling out all your gems and ending up with NOTHING! Now I’ve always said there’s an infinite amount of ways to climb the domain name mountain to make your fortune. BUT THIS is the low hanging juicy fruit that can become instantly life-changing. However you have to have an eye for these things. If folks pick pigeon crap, it doesn’t count. That’s why investing in Domains is something that you have to be much more knowledgeable in then investing in other assets we see out there. Choose your poison. Just keep in mind that I never dropped a domain name because I couldn’t afford renewal fees. I love renewal fees!! Nobody is going to pick all winners. But you get one that can support hundreds of others that just can’t support themselves at this point. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t in the future if you pick them right. I have hundreds of domains that made nothing for years and years and years, maybe even decades, that now bring in revenue.

When the domain brings you in revenue consistently, and constantly forever, you are less motivated to sell that asset.

I always ask one question. Just one!

How much money would I have to have in the bank to earn whatever money PPC brings in interest? So how much money would I have to have in the bank to earn $4000 a year interest on this one domain? That’s the measure I use. That’s the metric I use. That is the lens I use. Then multiply it by hundreds and hundreds of domains that you collect over the years that are capable of getting type-ins.

Important Domains will outlive all of us and have more value than a 30-Second Super Bowl commercial that will vanish in moments!

Have a GREAT Day!
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A bit of history
I don't agree with his "load every new domain you buy with PPC ads" strategy, as he has enough money to sue counter-sue anyone coming after him, and potential complainants know that.

Try this strategy as a "little guy" after buying a few 4- and 5-figure domains at wholesale and you'll be UDRP'ed into oblivion and lose a pile of them, specifically the expensive ones that companies really want to steal.
Well, I agree with Rick, but only if you can work with your PPC provider to guarantee that you don't have any issues with TM infringement. And that is the problem, you can rarely trust the PPC provider to ensure they will never show infringing ads, you have very limited ability to control those ads.
This is not really relevant to what Rick posted, but I think the expansion to 4000 characters on Twitter is a little ridiculous.

Maybe expand it some, but most people are not going to Twitter to read a wall of text.


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